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Who We Are

Pro-Health Wellness Group is a child, adolescent, and adult oriented practice for mental healthcare services that integrate healing modalities to support our clients on their journey to healing. We are grounded in the science of psychological health and committed to the art of caring. Whether you are looking for counseling, psychotherapy, EMDR, experiential/arts therapies, or parental education, we can customize the care that is right for you and your needs. Our therapeutic team provides each client with a refreshing alternative to the typical clinical visit.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

“Encouraging the wellbeing of all human beings through direct care and practices that  are high in quality, compassion, & concise to change & impact lives". This mission is carried out by ensuring that our team drive & implement quality mental health services to be more accessible to the growing industry.

Pro-Health is dedicated to administering services to assist individuals in reaching their highest level of functioning, in the least restrictive environment and in the most normative setting possible; whether in the community, medical professional clinic, in transit, or home setting where the client functions and lives.

Our mission is to provide clients with resources, skills, & emotional support needed to function independently &/or as a family unit, and to deliver those services with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Our Vision & Values

It is the vision of Pro-Health to become the provider of choice for mental health services in the Las Vegas community.  Pro-Health envisions a holistic, wrap around service structure that will be able to address all the needs of an individual and family unit throughout the life span from a mental health prospective, as well as self-sufficiency. Pro-Health strives to be a leader in providing services by “going resolute; determined to make a change” in our communities and individual lives.


The values of Pro-Health are based on providing support services with:




Clinical Appropriateness


Quality and Consistency

Individualized treatment and service planning

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